All you need to AtomEnable your applications

There were many motivations in creating Atom but the ability to create and interact with personal content on the go, globally and in diverse environments were the main focus.

What does AtomEnabled do for developers?
AtomEnabled finally makes it possible for developers to have a consistent, tightly-specified, well documented XML format for both syndication and authoring of content. Using one data format for both reading and writing, with a growing library of components supporting Atom development in almost any major scripting or programming language, means your application, site, or device can be benefitting from the network effect of a large community while spending less time developing core data exchange functionality. And with development of robust testing suites under way, you can take advantage of the work of other developers in the AtomEnabled community while focusing on the business logic, user experience, or content presentation that add the most value to your application.

If you’d like to take advantage of AtomEnabled support, documentation for the Protocol is available on this site and a validation suite for testing the XML syndication format offers a simple way to check the validity of your data feeds.